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The Non-Profit Recession Watch blog has been developed by ReStructure Non-Profit Consulting (www.restructure.ca) as a means to provide leaders of non-profit organizations with a central repository of information on the recession as well as strategies, tips, and resources to manage the impact of the recession on the organizations they lead. Information relating to the recession and its impact on Canada, US and UK will be updated daily in the "Recession Watch Data & Informaiton" sections below, and blogs will be written to provide information on how the recession has impacted the non-profit sector specifically. Please feel free to share information, news and resources with me - Betty Ferreira at blog [at] restructure.ca.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fundraising in the recession Webinar - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

As the recession deepens, charity executives face growing challenges as they seek to raise money.

Much of the advice that is available to nonprofit leaders is too general to make a difference, so The Chronicle is bringing together three veteran fund-raising experts to talk about what has worked in past downturns — and how to think in new ways about a financial crisis unlike any other in recent history.

The Webinar, to be held on Wednesday, March 25, at 2 p.m. Eastern time, offers a chance for everyone in your office to gather together for one low price to get expert advice. Sign up today to take advantage of special rates for early sign-ups.

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